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Course on Professional Landscape Design

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This Course on
Professional Landscape Design Online, is offered through Paisajismo Digital SL, Landscape Firm established in the city of Barcelona - Spain.

2sample student work

This spanish firm counts with a team of professional architects, landscape architects and designers, with wide experience in the field of landscaping design.


  • Course on Professional Landscape Design Online

    Methodology for the professional design of open spaces in their relationship with the environment.


    The Professional Landscaping Design Course is a product of several university professors who teach landscape design and are also involved in private practice of landscaping activities.


    With more than 15 years of experience as well as of professional practice and university training, we wanted to offer this course to all those engaged or interested in improving or updating their practice, as well as to those who wish to further their learning objectives of this enchanting profession.

    The course is designed to learn the most important notions of landscape design in a clear and attractive way, as well as providing useful tools to be applied in a any future design process undertaken by the participants.

    Project of one of our students,
    designed during the course.

    Who is the course intended for?

    The course is intended for all those who are enthusiastic about landscaping. It can be considered as an integral course, because of its design and way of implementing the subject matters. No previous knowledge of the topic is required.


    The objective of the Professional Landscaping Design course is to provide the interested students with the necessary tools in order to carry out the process of Landscaping design in a concrete and realistic manner.


    Works of one of our students, designed during the course.

    It is not a course on gardening but rather a clear and precise methodology to deal with the landscape design process in a professional way and to interact with professionals of related fields: architects, surveyors, forestry technicians, etc.

    Work Methodology:

    The course develops with an easy and interactive methodology:
    Once the students sign up for the course, they will be given access
    VIRTUAL CLASSROOM where they will find the course lessons.

    Almost all the lessons have practical work to resolve the different tasks in an orderly and progressive manner
    . On-line tutoring by the professor will be available within the virtual classroom, to help each student develop and complete the practical work.

    At the end of the course, on completion of the last practical work, students will get a Diploma in Landscape Design acknowledging the attendance to the course.


    © Copyright 2005 . All Rights Reserved

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Professor in charge:

Landscape Architect Marcelo Pablo Miguel, professor in charge of the Course on Professional Landscape Design On Line, also teaches at the Graduate Degree in Landscape Planning at the University of Buenos Aires.

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